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My website presents information about the type of psychology work I do, my training background, approach to assessment and therapy, as well as my education and clinical experience.

I specialize with adults in both individual and couple therapy.  I treat persons experiencing a wide range of presenting problems, including:

• Depression (e.g., symptoms of sleep problems, sadness, fatigue)

• Anxiety (e.g., panic attacks, phobias, chronic worry)

• Couple therapy, including assessment

• Stress Management and Burnout

• Anger Management and Assertive Communication

• Self-esteem and Identity Issues

• Grief and Loss

• Life Adjustments and Transitions

In addition, my practice includes career assessment and counselling for persons looking for greater job satisfaction and meaning in their careers. This includes challenges of overcoming job “burnout,” which typically relates to conflicted workplace relationships as well as difficulties in “job fit.”



In addition to in-depth couple therapy, services are also available to single individuals who have experienced challenges in establishing satisfying, long-term romantic relationships (e.g., individual therapy, public talks).  


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